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Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? – Unexpected Russian Translation – КОШАЧЬЯ МЯТА ПУТЬ В НИКУДА from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

Well, talk about unexpected!

An organization called Black Street Records (self-described on their YouTube channel as “Postproduction and translations of films! Music & Sound Production!“) has recorded and posted a complete (not to mention completely unauthorized, unexpected and awesome) Russian version of my entire Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? short.

I mean, I guess really they just sorta lowered my original audio mix and spoke over the top of everything, but I’ve been told that the translations are actually pretty good and I totally love the guy’s voice. And check it out! They even recreated the poster image in Cyrillic! Craaaaaaaazy.

So while I don’t exactly know who the folks are behind this, from what I can tell their business model seems to be: downloading videos that other people have made, translating and re-posting them, and then making money off of whatever traffic is generated. Hey, I’m not complaining — from what I can tell after watching all of those dashcam videos Russia seems like an insane place to live, so more power to ‘em. My best wishes, fellas!

Of course I doubt anyone was going to retire off of the funds in THIS case since their translated “Catnip” upload has already been removed and re-posted several times (not sure why), but what the hell — here’s a permanent version. Enjoy!

Credit where credit is due (found on their Russian homepage):
Translation – Perevodman
Narration – Vasily Siprikov Anton “Lil Osi”
Working with sound – Eugene “Fat Chop”
Graphics – Eugene “Fat Chop”

Here’s their description (jibes pretty well with mine when I run it through Google Translate):

Кошачья мята имеет огромную популярность у современных кошек, но что мы знаем оне на самом деле? Является ли она безвредным развлечением или пагубной зависимостью? Является ли инструментом для расширения сознания или спиральная лестница вниз ведущая в итоге к безумию? В недавно обнаруженном старом засекреченном образовательном фильме “Кошачья мята – Путь к забвению” окончательно и открыто обсуждены все спорные факты о данном веществе.

Уважаемые Кошатники будьте бдительны к своим любимцам покажите им данный фильм, предостерегите их от серьёзной опастности!

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