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Clips culled from the following:

0:03 Yacht Rock Party – Promotional Video

0:06 University of Arizona “Project Pawprint” – Infographic

0:07 RollerCon 2016 – Logo Animation

0:08 They Might Be Giants “Shape Shifter” – Stop Motion Music Video

0:10“Loft Concessions Stand” – Animated Promo/ Music Video

0:12 Head Over Heart “I Don’t Mind” – Music Video

0:15 Jillian and the Giants “Mr. Airplane” – Animated Music Video

0:17 Nobunny “I Was On the Bozo Show” – Music Video

0:18 The Heavy “Can’t Play Dead” – Stop Motion Music Video

0:19 No Volcano “Blackout” – Animated Music Video

0:20 “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?” – Short Film

0:21 Loft Kids Fest 2016 – Animated Promo

0:23 Loft Cinema – “Name A Seat” Campaign

0:25 Head Over Heart “I Don’t Mind” – Music Video

0:26 Loft Film Fest 2016 – Animated Promo

0:29 “Wolf Bait” – Animated Short (Art by Janelle Hessig: )

0:31 “Tucson Film and Music Festival 2016” Show Opener

0:33 University of Arizona “Mt. Lemmon Science Tour App” – Animation

0:35 “In Depth With” – Animated Logo Bumper

0:36 Cyclovia Tucson – PSA (Art by Dennis Fesenmyer: )

0:37 The Heavy “Can’t Play Dead” – Stop Motion Music Video

0:38 No Volcano “Blackout” – Animated Music Video

0:40 The Loft Kids Fest 2015 – Animated Promo

0:42 “Valmore Wigs” – Animated Short

0:43 “Pirates of the High Desert” Weekend in Bisbee, AZ – Promotional Spot

0:45 “Rom Brings Comics” – Animated Short Film (Art by Josh Bayer: )

0:46 “Fourth of July” – Short Film

0:47 “Moon Monster” – Animated Short Film

0:48 They Might Be Giants “Daylight” – Music Video

0:49 “Tucson Film and Music Festival 2014” – Animated Show Opener

0:50 They Might Be Giants “Shape Shifter” – Stop Motion Music Video

0:51 “Going Underground” – Kickstarter Promo

0:52 “Alllllriiiight.” – Short Film

0:54 Jillian and the Giants “Mr. Airplane” – Animated Music Video

0:55 “Disposable Film Festival Self Portrait” – Stop Motion Short Film

AUDIO: “Show Reel Samba” (Jason Willis)


Programs used: FCPX, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere, Motion, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Dragonframe, Lightroom, Photoshop, Live, Soundtrack, Compressor, Logic Pro X

Unless otherwise indicated, I was responsible for everything (direction, filming, editing, audio, motion graphics, post-production, stop motion, animation, music composition, etc) here.

Jason Willis

Jason Willis

Head Rube • Hey Rube, LLC

Jason Willis is an award winning multi-media creative professional located in Tucson, AZ. Specializing in video and motion graphics, his diversified skills include stop motion, live action, graphic design, photography, and animation production.

His short film “Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?” won the Sundance Audience Award for Best Short Film in 2013 and has been featured in a variety of publications including the Atlantic, USA Today, Buzzfeed and Roger Ebert’s Film Journal.

As a designer, Jason is always excited to explore new creative avenues of communication, with a particular emphasis on offbeat visual styles, mixed media techniques, and humor.

Selected clients include They Might Be Giants, NinjaTune Records, Quirk Books, Something Weird Video, Trouble in Mind Records, The Loft Cinema, Cyclovia, Estrus Records, the University of Arizona, Dirtnap Records, IDW Publishing, The Heavy, Goner Records, Yoe Books, Edible Baja Arizona, John Grant and Golden Records.


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