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Oh sure, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “What could possibly top that Freezing Hands debut release from 2013?”

You know the one I mean. The one that cleverly looked like an old TMOQ bootleg and sounded like… well it sounded something like this:

Well the jury is in, and the answer is “their follow up release.” That’s right! Messrs. Travis Spillers, Matt Rendon, Jeremy Schliewe and Scott Landrum are back with a second full-length (mysteriously entitled “Freezing Hands II”), and once again the folks at Burger Records are presenting it to the world.

You can hear it here on Bandcamp! You can pre-oder it (for now) here at Burger!

You can play it RIGHT HERE:

So what’s my stake in all of this? Yes! Right again! I am proud to say that I provided some good ol’ fashioned 2016-by-way-of-1984 SST-style design for said release, which also showcases a dynamite painting by Dianna Taylor.

Hell, we even set up a photo shoot so that the standard 8×10 b/w glossy could be added to the overall package. Oh, and please don’t worry – a “vintage catalog” style option (replete with the requisite amount of chromatic aberration) has been included within the overall visual mix as well.

What’s that? Ah, thank you, thank you. No, you’re being too kind, really. I mean, we’re just doing our jobs here.

So, hooray! The Freezing Hands!

Or to quote from their official bio:

“Hey lover (of music). Freezing Hands are 2 filing clerks, 1 filing cabinet and a file folder. You may find us in an alley. You may find us in an office. Hay luvvvr ^ov muusk^ fRezzzeen HanS rr tOo flllllllllllnggggg kklerrrkscz unnnd wun . … . .. . . .   “

Freezing Hands: Facebookery

Freezing Hands: Bandcampery

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