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I’ve been a longtime fan of Alex Cuervo’s projects (HEX DISPENSERS, BLACKTOP, FEAST OF SNAKES), so when he hit me up to do some design work I couldn’t have been happier to oblige.

My goal here was to compliment his sound (which owes “a serious debt to the pioneers of late 70s horror soundtracks like John Carpenter, Italo-prog masters Goblin & the work of German pioneers Tangerine Dream”), so what we have here is something along the lines of “Omni magazine having a nightmare in 1981”.

I also took some elements from my cover design (created in Cinema 4D) and directed an accompanying music video for the song “Consulting the Necronauts”, which you can see here. Please feel free to pretend that it’s 2 AM and that you’re watching “Night Flight”.

(Note: If you’re interested in reading more about the process and backstory, there’s a pretty lengthy interview about my Espectrostatic cover design (alongside several other designers and albums) at the UK-based music site Drowned in Sound.)

Espectrostatic – Consulting the Necronauts (Official Video) from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

Espectrostatic – Unused Logo Rough from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

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