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Work­ing with Dave Crider at Estrus Records, whether in terms of music or design, is a great experience.

I mean of course you’d expect him to deliver on the music knowledge front, but he’s also got an amaz­ing graphic eye — in fact his crazily-deep mental archive of arcane pop cul­ture (both the dia­monds and the garbage) speaks to a clear and diag­nos­able insanity.

Over the years his Bellingham, WA based Estrus label has released music by the likes of the Mummies, Teengenerate, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and many more, all while showcasing art and design by folks like Art Chantry, Peter Bagge, and Pat Moriarity.

So hats off to ya, Dave! Always a pleasure.

Knockout Pills “1+1=ATE” LP/CD (2004)

External link to Flickr set.

The Dexateens “Red Dust Rising” LP/CD (2005)

External link to Flickr set.

Kamikaze Ass Chomp n’ Stomp CD Sampler (2005)

External link to Flickr set.

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