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Video interview I did with the supercool Sky Dylan-Robins over at’s “Storyboard” series. This was shot when I was at Sundance to support my short film Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?, and it’s pretty much all about that.

Director Jason Willis Talks ‘Catnip’

Willis modeled “Catnip” after the fanatical drug education films prevalent in public schools during the 1970’s. “I was actually featured in one when I was young,” says Willis, contemplating the origins of his fondness for the genre. “And I decided that I wanted to make a parody of them – but some people are actually taking it really seriously, like ‘I’m never giving my cat the stuff again!’”

Catnip lovers, fear not – we confirmed its harmlessness with Willis himself. Get a big kick out of the short, and then get your feline friends some tasty green.

– Sky Dylan-Robbins

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