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The Knockout Pills was a band that I played in from 2001 to 2006, and in addition to it just being an awesome experience (during our time together we toured around the US, met a ton of really great people and even managed to put a few records out) I was also lucky enough to get to do the majority of our design work. So given all of that, here is where I plan on throwing a bit of it.

Yeah! Allllllriiiiiight!

The guys:

Gerard Schumacher – Drums
Travis Spillers – Vocals, Bass
Matt Rendon – Vocals, Guitar
Jason Willis – Guitar

The design:

Knockout Pills “S/T” LP/CD (Dead Beat, 2003)


Knockout Pills “1+1=ATE” LP/CD (Estrus, 2004)

Knockout Pills “Odds & Wads: 2001-2006” CD (2006) + Miscellaneous Tour Merch

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