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Loft Cinema – Snack Bar / Concession Stand Ad from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

Loft Cinema – Snack Bar / Concessions Stand Ad
This in-house advertisement for the Loft Cinema’s Snack Bar was inspired by the hundreds of wonderful concession stand ads so common to the drive-in and movie houses from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. Those old food spots are always all over the place, so for this one I intentionally threw a real mishmash of styles into the mix (for the record, I used Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects to cook it all up).

After being given a list of foods that the Loft wanted to call attention to, I first composed and sang the song (using Logic Pro X) and then set about creating the characters and scenarios that might best illustrate them. This actually all went pretty quickly — basing the tamale guys on the delicious Tucson Tamale Company offerings was a no-brainer, three members of the Loft staff graciously offered up their faces for the concession segment, and the wine folks practically created themselves.

Secretly of course, my dream is that this jingle eventually acquires a place in one of those future conversations along the lines of “Man, do you remember that weird song that they used to play at the Loft about vegan cookies? Seriously, what WAS that thing?”.

But I suppose I’ll have to let time tell this story.

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