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“Midnight Show” Teaser Trailer from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

MIDNIGHT SHOW is an anthology feature film composed of faux grindhouse-style trailers and other vintage movie elements assembled by filmmaker Newton R. Wallin.

The goal behind this initial teaser trailer was to give an overall sense of the film’s sensibility using the content as more of a textural element (as well as somewhat emulate the downbeat exploitation vibe of a late 1970’s/ early 1980’s TV style spot), rather than a standard “Coming Attractions” style edit.

Midnight Show Website
Midnight Show IMDb Page

Starring: Bernadette Desimone, Crystal Quinn, Lemmy (Motorhead) Ron Jeremy, Gilbert Godfry, Hollie Stevens, Loyd Kaufman, Simone Silverman, Newt Wallen

Directed By: Steve Grainger, Steve Carino, Mars Homeworld, Michael Tanner, Newt Wallen, Shawn Caple, Steve Grainger, Chris Spotto

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