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Nutshell details: 1920’s Vaudeville/ crooner style interpretation of the 1982 MDC hardcore classic “I Remember”, featuring Ub Iwerks’ beloved amphibian Flip the Frog.

Hey there Punk Rockists! Nice to see you, nice to see you.

Okay, so the only justification I have for this ridiculous project is that sometimes while driving I like to sing hardcore songs in an “old timey” vaudeville/crooner voice. I had a few hours worth of spare time, so I figured I’d actually make one of those tunes “real”.

I hereby extend my apologies to the world (or at least the tiny handful people who might get this joke) in advance.

While the widespread popularity of “megaphone crooner” Milton Driscoll has been well documented over the years, the atypical nature of his politically charged foxtrot number “I Remember” has probably kept it from the wider audience it would otherwise enjoy. Animated in 1929 (and covered in the 1980’s by hardcore punkers M.D.C.), this flapper-era classic would likely still liven up a dancehall today.

And hey! Here’s a flyer I made for an MDC show (at the Outhouse in Lawrence, KS) back in 1986 when I was 17 years old.

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