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Rita Braga is a talented singer, ukulele and keyboard player straight outta Lisbon (who is currently based in Porto). Back in 2012 when she was on tour in Los Angeles my friend (and talented creative-guy-on-the-go) Chris Wäggänër directed and shot a video of her doing a haunting and unique cover of a Julee Cruise tune (written by Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch and taken from Lynch’s brilliant Twin Peaks series.)

Now Chris’ original intention was to eventually edit it all down himself, but along the way he got overly busy with other projects (you know the deal) and ultimately asked me to assemble something out of all of the footage. “You’ll have complete creative freedom, kid!” Wag enthused while chomping on one of his signature cigars, “Sky’s the limit! Whaddya say?”.

Well happily enough Chris did indeed load up his 2012 shoot with several takes and angles (I loved that nutty heart device), making my editing process a completely swell time overall. Cheers!

Rita’s LP: Cherries That Went to the Police

Rita’s website:

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