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The Rocket #9 was a band I played mini moog in (wellllllll actuallllllly it was a Radio Shack Concertmate MG-1) from 1994-1996. We were noisy, we were free-from, we were avant, and if you talked to the rest of the guys you’d probably hear that we were influenced by the likes of Sun Ra and Pere Ubu. Personally though, and just between you and me, I was more like 65% Simply Saucer, 10% Tommy Hall and 15% Chrome with the remainder left to “dealer’s choice.”

Super fine folks.
Super fine time.

Professor Ernest Coli – guitars, vox, sax, extraneous noise
Edgar Loy Fankbonner – drums, guitar, vox
Tripp Nasty – bass, vox
Jason Willis – moog, vox
Jeff Glave – guitars
Melanie Weiss – drums, tube sox

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