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“The Complete Resonars” Cassette Box Set [2:30 Spot] from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

“The Complete Resonars” – 1970’s Style TV Spot
Ersatz 70’s-style TV commercial for the very real four cassette Complete Resonars box set. Produced in conjunction with Burger Records and LoliPop Records.
Based on the insistent and omnipresent TV ads of the 1970’s from K-Tel, Candlelight Music, Ronco and many others (in particular a 1978 Rolling Stones “Greatest Hits” collection that was burned into Matt’s memory from childhood), this Cassette Store Day promo was a real treat to create.

I’ve always loved cheap hucksterism, and these ads (with pitchmen clearly versed in the rhythms of classic AM Radio) never get old for me. Respecting the graphic style, editing pace, sound design and 4:3 aspect ratio of the inspirational source was a priority, with the voice over work by Giovanni Dominice completing the package.

Written and directed by Jason Willis • Narration by Giovanni Dominice

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