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The Weird Lovemakers long and sordid history is probably adequately detailed here, so I’ll just cut to the dirt on THIS set –>

It’s a collection of packaging done for the various releases we managed to pop out from 1994 to 2000, and as you might expect it spans a range of formats from vinyl to digital. Most of the stuff here is by me, but everyone in the band (most frequently fellow guitarist Greg Petix) tried their hand at a bit of design work here and there. The split singles are obviously another matter altogether but hey, I’m sure if you give the credits a peek you’ll be able to suss it out just fine

The guys:

Hector Jaime – Vocals, Bass
Greg Petix – Vocals, Guitar
Gerard Schumacher – Drums, Vocals
Jason Willis – Guitar, Vocals

The design:

Weird Lovemakers – Split Single with A Band Called Moss (Ghost Town, 1994)

Weird Lovemakers – Irving Single (Swonk, 1995)

Weird Lovemakers – Electric Chump CD (Gouramie, 1996)

Weird Lovemakers – Split Single with U.S. Impossibles (No Theme!, 1998)

Weird Lovemakers – Flu Shot CD/LP (eMpTy, 1998)

Weird Lovemakers – Back 20 (Star Time, 2000)

Weird Lovemakers – Live: Bigger than a Cookie, Better than a Cake. (eMpTy, 2000)

Weird Lovemakers – Are Dead CD/LP (Recess, 2000/Never)

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