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Here’s a video Señor Hector Jaime (that’s Mr “Editor, Director, Animator, Camera” to YOU) made for an old 1998 4-Track Weird Lovemakers recording.

To quote the man himself (from YouTube):

Comic book geek, Unojo and fly alcoholic, Monobooba fall in love and head to a Weird Lovemakers show in Mexico.

…and from Vimeo:

G-Rated version of video created for Tucson, AZ punk band, the Weird Lovemakers. A one-eyed nerd devoted to Plastic Man and his girlfriend, Monobooba, fall in love and go to a Weird Lovemakers show in Mexico. Shot on location in Nogales, Mexico, Tucson, Arizona and Burlingame, California. I made the video just for fun.

Hector Jaime – Bass
Greg Petix – Guitar
Gerard Schumacher – Drums
Jason Willis – Guitar

Music: The Weird Lovemakers
©1998 The Weird Lovemakers
Edited, Directed & Animated by Hector Jaime, 2007

Downloadable Vimeo version:

Weird Lovemakers: Mr. Fantastic from Hector Jaime on Vimeo.

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