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Featuring 21 Eerie Publications stories collected and meticulously restored by horror comics historian Mike Howlett, I was responsible for the cover design, interior layout and general production of this entry into the IDW Publishing/ Yoe Books “Chilling Archives of Horror Comics” series.

Though Eerie Publications are probably best known for their gruesome and over-the-top cover images, the focus here is on the story actual contents, which feature the artwork of Chic Stone, Dick Ayers, Domingo Mandrafina and many others.

A 148 page hardcover with varnished endpaper and cover details,”The Worst Of Eerie Publications” was the 2014 Ghastly Award Winner for Best Archival Collection.

Note: You can also see a promotional book trailer that I made for this collection here.

Below: “Vomit Bag” promotional/ marketing collateral and miscellaneous product shots for “The Worst of Eerie Publications”

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